A.P.State Housing Corporation Limited (APSHCL) was incorporated on 5th July 1979 under Companies Act. APSHCL aims to bring dignity to each and every BPL family by assisting them, both financially and technically, for construction of permanent (Pucca) houses. The financial assistance is provided as per the various schemes of State Government and Government of India



  • Saturation approach - No poor household left without a pucca house.


  • People’s participation is key.

  • Motivation of beneficiaries is focus area.

  • Execution, payment and monitoring done through:

E-Governance system that

  • Facilitates making payment.

  • Internet banking system.

  • Monitors house-wise progress.

  • Follows up complaints.

  • Disbursement only through individual accounts (Bank & Post Offices).

  • No middlemen in disbursement.


  •    Andhra Pradesh is the first State in the Country, to establish an exclusive organization, APSHCL ,to persue on the following objectives:
  • To formulate, promote and execute Housing Schemes for the benefit of people in general and particularly the Weaker Sections or persons living in Rural and Urban areas and to those who are affected or likely to be affected by natural calamities such as Cyclone and Tidal Waves.

  • To undertake or regulate construction of houses and create or cause to be created other infrastructural facilities for the said housing scheme.

  • To take up research and development activities in the field of construction and material management and to associate and collaborate with Government, individuals, organizations and associations how in the field of building construction, land development, environmental improvement and such other activities as are useful healthy commodities.

  • Mobilizes loans from various Financial Institutions for implementation of Housing Programme.

  • Plays the role of facilitator in the construction of houses by providing technical and financial assistance.

  • Propagates Cost Effective and Eco-Friendly Construction (CEEF) materials and technologies in construction of houses.

  • Imparts training for skill upgradation through Nirmithi Kendras.

  • Encourages insitu production of alternative construction materials.

  • Recovers loans from beneficiaries in monthly installments by motivation.



  • (105.82) lakh houses are completed for Weaker Sections, since inception of the programme, up to 31.03.2012.

  • During the year 2006-07, Government have launched Integrated Novel Development in Rural Areas and Model Municipal Areas (INDIRAMMA), and housing is one of the important area of development. Under INDIRAMMA housing, (40.60) lakh houses are completed up to 31.03.2012, which are part of the 105.82 lakh hoses.

  • Rs. 15550.92 Crores transferred to people using E-Governance System, up to 31.03.2012.


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