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  • Service for generation of special FTRs for SC/ST bens is provided in DEE's login
  • New payment system is brought in to effect from 01-sep-2011
  • Initially technical problem if any please contact CGG immediately
Concurrent Audit by PD, EE and S.Os
  • As per the Circular No F12/6575/CASH dt. 30.9.2011, services are provided in the login of PD,EE and SOs to undertake concurrent Audit.
  • Steps to be followed :
  • The list of beneficiaries along with the IDs which are to be verified are displayed.
  • If, the stage on ground is correct select if not select .
  • If the payment is adjusted to beneficiary account , select if not select
  • All the variations are to be reported to PD for corrective action.
  • To facilitate to down load the beneficiary details, service is provided in Reports
  • Select Mandal to down load the beneficiary details
The guidelines issued in the Circular to undertake concurrent Audit are to be followed scrupulously.
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For any technical queries please contact : helpdesk.cgg@apshcl.gov.in
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